8 easy ways to fit exercise into a hectic lifestyle

No time to get to the gym? Fit exercise around your busiest days with these 8 easy ways to fit exercise into a hectic lifestyle.

  1. 10-minute workout before breakfast
    If you can get up 25 minutes earlier, there's time to have a drink of water, do a 10-minute intense workout, and shower. Choose from hundreds of free videos on social media. Look for interval training, circuits, or a body weight workout.

  2. Walk your commute
    Can you walk at least part of your daily commute? Any extra walking will contribute to your daily step count. Walking burns calories, boosts your cardiovascular fitness, and helps to tone your legs.

  3. A mid-day workout
    If you have time for a workout at lunchtime, grab the opportunity. Good options for a mid-day workout? A yoga class, a swim, a short gym session, or an outdoor run if you have access to showers.

  4. Walk at lunchtime
    Get outside for a walk at lunchtime. Use the walk to do local chores, or switch off and use it as me-time. A fast-paced walk during the day will burn calories and support your emotional wellbeing.

  5. Walking meetings
    Are you in a position to change your workplace culture to one of health and wellbeing? See if some of your meetings, or chats with colleagues, can be done over a walk rather than across a table.

  6. Get on your feet at work
    Use every opportunity you can to be more active during the day. Stand rather than sit. Deliver messages on foot and not by email. Little actions add up, helping combat weight gain and poor health.

  7. Head to the gym before you go home
    Once you get home, you might not feel like doing a workout. So head to the gym, or to an exercise class, on your way home.

  8. An evening stroll
    After dinner, use TV and online time to go for a walk instead. It’s a great way to catch up with your partner and kids and talk about your day. Or you could use the time to listen to a podcast or audiobook.

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