Health benefits of pumpkin seeds

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

Seen these seeds on the supermarket shelves, but aren’t sure if they’re good for you or not? We can confirm that pumpkin seeds are plentiful when it comes to health benefits and a great option for those after a nutritious snack. Note that pumpkin seeds that you buy aren’t the same as the seeds you find in your carving pumpkin on Halloween. They’ve had their outers shell removed and have been rinsed and then roasted in the oven to give them their delicious taste and crunchy texture.1

What are the benefits of eating pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds really pack a punch when it comes to beneficial nutrients! They may be small, but they’re also:2

  1. Amazing sources of omega 3

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids which have a bounty of benefits for the body.

  1. Full of protein

These little green seeds are incredibly rich in protein which makes them a particular great food for vegans searching for more ways to up their protein intake. In fact, a typical serving (roughly two tablespoons) contains about 7g of protein! That’s a good chunk of the UK recommended daily intake, which is about 56g of protein for men and 45g for women.4

  1. Have high numbers of antioxidants

Antioxidants are what your body uses to help reduce inflammation. Pumpkin seeds are full of them, especially vitamin E and carotenoids. The former is also vital for your eye and skin health.5

  1. Rich in magnesium and zinc

Magnesium and zinc are both needed by the body for processes such as turning food into energy, regulating your sleep and making new cells. Pumpkin seeds are great sources of both. In fact, one tablespoon contains 40mg of magnesium and 1mg of zinc, which is over a tenth of the recommended daily intake for both nutrients.6

How to include more pumpkin seeds in your diet

Here's a few tasty and easy to include pumpkin seeds in your diet:7

  • Eat them as a healthy snack

Sometimes eating something on its own is the best way to make the most of its nutritional value. No fuss, just pure goodness! If you find pumpkin seeds on their own a bit plain, mix them in with some nuts and then shake in your favourite ground spices for a more flavoursome snack.

  • Add them into baking

Whether you can’t resist the occasional sweet treat, you love making your own bread or you’re keen to create some healthy crackers for your next dinner party, there are numerous baked goods which can be enhanced with a handful of pumpkin seeds.

  • Toss some on top of a salad

Give some crunch to your summer salads by throwing a handful of pumpkin seeds on them. They have a naturally nutty taste which can really enhance the flavour of dressings, plus pumpkin seeds can even be used in homemade pesto in place of pine nuts.

How should I portion my pumpkin seeds?

While pumpkin seeds may be packed full of goodness, it’s important that you eat them in the correct amounts to avoid getting a tummy ache. Try to eat no more than a handful of pumpkin seeds in a day and make sure you measure them out so you’re not overeating.8 Now you’re clued up on the health benefits of pumpkin seeds, why not purchase some from our seeds range? You’ll find packs of protein-packed pumpkin seeds, in addition to other plant-based treats such as sunflower and chia seeds. Shop Seeds Last updated: 16 June 2020 Sources 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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