• What is mineral sunscreen

    What is mineral sunscreen

    Whether you're strolling around the park or lying on a tropical beach, you're exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. While some sun exposure is good for us – it provides vitamin D and increases serotonin levels (the happy hormone) – too much can cause burning and lead to skin damage. The easiest way to avoid over-exposure is to cover up and limit time spent in the sun; but let's face it, who wants to be without a golden glow all summer? So our next best option is to limit any...
  • Guide to sunscreen 2022

    Guide to sunscreen 2022

    Even though most of us never hesitate to apply sunscreen on holiday or on sunny days at home, digging out a bottle in the winter may not come naturally. But is it really necessary to wear SPF in any weather? Why should you wear SPF? Unfortunately, most people know so little about how sun creams work they unwillingly expose themselves to skin damage, according to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.1 Luckily, we’re going to help. We’ll explain what SPF is and how it works. Then, we’ll advise which SPF is right...
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