Summer beauty hydration hacks

Summer is here – hooray! But that long-overdue sunshine can really take its toll on skin, sapping it of moisture and leaving us looking dull and dehydrated. Luckily, we’ve got a heap-load of natural solutions.

Skin that holds its moisture will look healthier and more youthful, whatever your age. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, and it’s the key to keeping skin plump and hydrated. Boost levels by using a hyaluronic serum before your moisturiser. It fights fine lines and wrinkles, and helps offset sun damage, which can leave skin looking dull, dry and uneven.

Some like it cold

Take a cold shower – seriously! Hot water strips moisture from your skin and does no favours for your hair, whereas a cold-water blast boosts your circulation and lymph flow, removing toxins and helping skin glow all over. If you can brave putting your head under, it’ll also help seal your hair’s cuticles flat, making it look shiny and hydrated. And, as a bonus, it will boost your energy levels. Take advantage while the weather’s hot and go as cold as you can bear…

Eat to hydrate

We’ve all heard the “eight glasses of water a day” hydration advice, but did you know as much as 20 per cent of your liquid should come from food? The water in fresh fruit and vegetables has molecules around it which make it extra easy for the body to absorb. One study by the University of Aberdeen Medical School found that eating watermelon may be twice as hydrating as drinking a glass of actual water. The combination of amino acids, mineral salts, natural sugars and vitamins helps hydrate you more effectively than even a sports drink.

Other moisture-boosting foods include bananas, which are packed with the electrolyte potassium – important for hydration – and cucumbers, which are 96 per cent water. Pile your plate high with fresh juicy fruit and vegetables and your skin will have everything it needs to glow from within.

Help your hair

Sun, sea and sand can all take their toll on your precious locks, which can go from glossy to frazzled in a matter of days. Head to the kitchen and grab a jar of coconut oil. Gently warm a couple of tablespoons and comb through the entire length of your hair, from root to tip. Pop a towel round your head and leave for at least 20 minutes or, better still, overnight. Wash as normal and enjoy shiny, bouncy hair once more! Repeat once a week to quench those thirsty locks.

Use conditioner before you shampoo. It's a thing, we promise! In India, it's common to treat your hair with oil first because it helps protect delicate strands from the drying effects of harsh shampoo. And a top hair care tip? Always blot hair dry – don't rub with a towel, as this with ruffle cuticles and make hair look dull and frazzled.

And that’s your hair and body skin hydrated all summer long!


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