• The best probiotic foods and supplements

    The best probiotic foods and supplements

    Looking for a healthy dose of probiotics to perk you up? One of the best – and easiest - ways to top up on these beneficial bacteria is through your diet. Let’s tuck in, shall we? What are probiotics? Probiotics is a term for a collection of live microorganisms that can have health benefits when we eat, drink, or apply them to our bodies.1 You will commonly find probiotics in fermented foods like yoghurt, dietary supplements and even cosmetic products.2 Some of the most common strains come from the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium family, but other types...
  • Friendly gut bacteria explained

    Friendly gut bacteria explained

    Expertly reviewed by Dr Ro Huntriss, Consultant Dietitian and Nutritionist Did you know that there are trillions of microorganisms living inside your gut? They’re collectively known as your microbiome and each person’s is unique – a bit like your genes. The microbiome is formed from the moment you’re born, but microbes in your gut help to shape it as you go through life. The potential effects your microbiome can have on your wellbeing shouldn’t be underestimated, which is why it’s so important to have a healthy gut. For example, your...
  • The gut-brain axis: Are the gut & brain really connected?

    The gut-brain axis: Are the gut & brain really connected?

    That fluttering butterflies feeling you get when you’re nervous is more than just a feeling in the pit of your stomach. They’re a sign of the fact that our brain – all the way up in our head – and our gut – all the way down in our tummies – are actually inextricably intertwined. The gut has the obvious role of digesting food, but it also has many less obvious functions. It plays a role in immunity, allergies, the production of neurotransmitters, and we now know that there is...
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